First blog post

I am the person who likes to observe people and watch the moves they make. I think about the chain of events that could have or did lead up to their decision to: do, say, go or react in the way they chose. I am an everyday man who could possibly over analyze or even put too much thought into different scenarios. Although I am naturally quiet I tend to have a lot to say about how things are handled. Even though I may not verbalize what I was thinking, the thoughts are always there. I am very good at giving unbiased nonjudgmental advice. I have learned a long time ago to not give unwarranted advice unless someone could possibly be hurt or I think it could genuinely help a person. I am the person who does not like to waste words if that makes sense. I do not really care for small talk actually to rephrase I am not really good at small talk. What are we talking about? Not to be rude, I am just not a fan of people that I call talkers, constantly talking and yet to ever say anything. Please don’t take what I am saying as judgmental it is a preference. I prefer to not hear random wasted words; I have learned to amuse myself with my thoughts.

I am using this blog as an outlet to learn more about people, myself and maybe help someone else along the way, that may have had the same question or needed clarity on a particular topic. I am an everyday person like you. I am not a person with titles behind my name, or a therapist, I am an everyday man with everyday problems and everyday life.

R.C. Urquhart II


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