Value, is a strong word what does it mean for you? The value in friendships or relationships for me means that we can feed into each other and off of each other. They can drop those jewels (knowledge)  to you when you need advice or when you feel a certain way, they can pick up on your vibe and step in to lift you up and vice verse. I am the person who keeps my circle small, purposely. I value my circle’s opinion in the sense, that I know that if I am all over the place or tripping out, they will check me and I will do the same for them.

The VALUE in my relationships helps me to grow and to want to continue to be a better person which is increasing or depositing into my worth. It is mandatory to let go of the negative people around, the people who see that you are down and out and try to out woe you. Or worse, they want to kick you while your down or hold you in that position. If I’m down my circle will dust me off, I guarantee that. Remember that when you are down, that it is Temporary. You are not your circumstances. I am sure I am not the only one that was taught “Trouble don’t last always,”  I don’t need a tit for tat in the woe department, how about you? I’ll wait…. R U ready!? I would really like to know your feedback. Am I the only person who has felt or seen this happen?  I am sure we can find ways to be miserable alone. Can you honestly say you are willing to dust off the people in your circle or are you going to wait to watch them get themselves together because you have other things to do? You have to understand that you need to position yourself to be of value to others as much as you are looking for value in people.

Knowing yourself worth is taking off the mask and living for you, not caring what the next person has to say, not worrying about how many haters you have. If you are over 28 and you have a conversation on a regular basis about a hater. Take 30 seconds to ask yourself are you a hater? I’ll wait….! R U ready? Ok, so keep in mind this is just an opinion if that just hit a spot with you or made you think… you are or more than likely at some point been the hater. Hey, this is a judgment free zone! You can not consume yourself in trying to figure out who’s speaking on or over your life, you are not living your life. The people that are watching for you don’t have much going on in their life. Why else would they have the time?  If your self-worth was near measurable you would not care what anyone has to say because you are the only cheerleader that would matter. You have to be able to cheer for you before hearing the cheers of others.  If you know that you are trying your hardest and the excuses are behind you what can a hater say to take you off your grind? I’m not preaching at anyone or saying that I have the answers, I can only speak on my opinions.

Thanks for supporting me!

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Value

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  1. I totally agree. It’s important to really value yourself and to surround yourself with people who really has your back. I’m learning I don’t have time for people to waste my time. My circle is so small I’m almost talking to myself! Lol 😊

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  2. Finding your value is very important it’s exhausting constantly giving out and nobody is making deposits into your life but they sure will take…if you allow them


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