Ladies Don’t Settle For Les!!

I want to ask you a question, how do you quantify your worth? I want to make you think about the decisions that are being made and create conversations within your circles. Ladies, knowing and understanding your worth is important to your life and to your children’s lives.  As adults,  men and women we have to understand that what we put out into the atmosphere, is the same energy that we bring back to ourselves, as well as to our children. I know that this isn’t anything new or profound that you haven’t heard before. The thing is remembering and putting it into practice on a day-to-day basis. We have to strive to be a better us every day that we roll out of the bed, if not for us, for our families.  It should be for us! Honestly, it feels good and means more when we aim to please ourselves and learn to put ourselves first. When we feel good about ourselves, we are better suited to take care of everything else the day brings. I feel that is one of the first steps to depositing into our own self-worth.

Women, do you truly understand the role that you play in this world? Do you truly know and understand what you possess? You are the strength of the world! If you can’t be honest with yourself, you will continue to settle for less. This could possibly have something to do with a history of bad relationships. When you settle for less, Les is what you get.

You are allowing good ole (less) Les come in and do any and everything to you. Les is the “ain’t shit dude” that drops you off at work and is jobless. Les is that dude that you let move right in with you because he doesn’t have anything of his own. His mother told him that at 30 he has to man up and get out of her house. Les is the dude that asks you to pay his child support so he doesn’t go to jail. Les is the dude that has all the “parties” at your crib rolling up at your dining room table, and his homeboy is on the phone saying we are chillin over Jun-bug gal house, come through! Les is the dude that you are letting watch your kids while you are at work. Can you relate? Have you seen or met Les? I’ll wait…! R U Serious?

Is this enough for you? Women nowadays put more value in being a down chick rather than being a lady. Question, has Les ever asked you to risk your life, freedom, kids, job, family, ETC? It’s ok, be honest, nobody is listening or judging you right now. A real man will not ask you to jeopardize your stability or life over foolishness. Women, when you have a standard for yourself, men will treat you as such. A person knows who they can and can’t go to for certain things.

Just the same you are required to be to bring something to the table as well. You can’t expect to be a kept woman if you don’t know how to keep your man. I’ll wait…! R U ready? You have to know it is more than a cute face and shape to have your list of demands. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in reality show silliness. You have to make a man want to take care of you, that luxury isn’t just a given. A real man will respect your kids. Ladies, understanding that making those deposits into yourself overflows into your children. If Les does not respect your kids, then he doesn’t respect you. If you don’t respect your kids, how can a real man want to be with you? As women, you should always carry yourself with class and self-respect. If you find yourself in the same situations, over and over it might be you. Think about it…

Moms when it comes to your mini me’s, I am sure I don’t have to say how important the time and attention you put in, is valuable. I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to talk to your daughters and build relationships with them early. I mean real relationships, where you are hearing their problems and them understanding that there are two different talks and sometimes it is important to specify what talk is being had. One has to be a no judgment conversation so that they can trust that you will not lose your cool on them if they are honest with you. Once the trust is gone you’ve lost it. It has to be established while they are young. I know that from the time they can walk they want to be you! So, you have to remember that they are watching. If you criticize other women or call them out their name… watching your every move that you make. If you are walking around with your assets on display, she is watching.

When you call your baby girl (no matter the age) to come in the living room and show your company, how she can twerk and land in the splits. If you have seen, made the call from the other room, or have been said twerker, what thought went through your mind? Deposit more into your daughter, how about calling her in to say she is on the honor roll or has the principles award. Whatever, accolades she has to brag on. If she doesn’t have good grades build her up in a different way. Speak life over her situations. Remember the same people that put the song on and hyping your baby up will criticize your parenting tomorrow.  She has to know all attention isn’t good attention. When you are not around, who do you think she is going to twerk for? Teach them manners and how to be young women. If you don’t do it Les will.

Mothers you are the first women in your son’s life. If you do not instill faith and self-worth in your son’s how will he grow to be a leader? If you don’t teach him to respect you and your daughters how will he know how to treat women? Are you raising a yes ma’am, yes sir son? I know that many of you have to play both mom and dad in many situations. My hats off to single mothers. It is important to know that if someone isn’t a positive role model you have to distance them from your kids. Set standards for your sons! How many of us know that one person who’s two year old has learned a new curse word? Isn’t that cute, let’s live to stream him on social media! Just because you put a hashtag: #smh #hethinkhegrown lol. NO, NO LOL…there is nothing funny or cool about that.

You are starting him off wrong at minute 2. You are already decreasing his value, it is all about depositing into the sons. Please do not assist in depreciating his value before he ever knew he had a choice or a chance. The world is going to be hard enough on them, it’s your responsibility to say the world is wrong! Hey, as I mentioned this is a no judgment zone. As men and women, we have to do better collectively, sometimes we as people are not aware of how the picture looks until the picture is developed.

Thank you for your continued support!

The point of this blog is to uplift and empower women and men to think differently. To become self-aware and learn to self-love and learn how to quantify their self-worth. This is the first step in changing our society.

R U Serious!

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