Let it go!!!

On this day March 14, 2017, or whatever day you read this post, mark your calendar. Today is the day that you, let it go! Let go of whatever it is that burdens you, and honestly that you do not have control of anyway. There are many people who walk around miserable daily blaming the world for everything in their life. It is time to live, love and let go! Love yourself enough to let go of your past. There is somebody reading this that is holding on to their 7-year-old self at 23-years old you have to live your life, remember you can’t change the past, but tomorrow is yours for the taking. Don’t allow yourself to live your entire life victimized. Regain the control of your life, if you act weak people will continue to take advantage of you! Whatever you have going on in your life, that is stagnating the progression of your life, let it go. Situations in life impact and make us who we are. Those situations are just that, a situation. That one situation although tough, painful, or mindblowing it is still one situation. You shouldn’t allow one situation to dictate the rest of your life. You survived that situation for a reason, your life was spared for a reason! That reason was not for you to go through the rest of your life depressed and hateful, that is not living. When you are given a do-over you thank your higher power and live your life to the fullest! Today is the day that we let it go!

So many times we say that we will start anew tomorrow. Whether it is diet, job search, getting out of a bad situation or relationship, spending time with your kids, reading the bible, standing up for yourself, try something new, repair a relationship, or starting your own business whatever it is that you are procrastinating on. Just know that today is yesterday’s tomorrow, so you might as well start today, let it go! I know that some may think this is easier said than done, and if I only knew your situations, and what you have to deal with. As long as you continue to speak life into negative situations you are prolonging your healing. From this morning forward we speak life into ourselves and our breakthrough! Many times situations seem as though they are not fair, but know that what is for you is for you! Shuffle the hand of those cards you were dealt, put the cards in a different order. You will win! The illness that you have was a setback, but you woke up this morning! Have a little respect and take 30 seconds and rejoice in it! Let your higher power know that you are grateful! Let him know, that you will be back to do it again tomorrow morning! Why, because we speak life!!

Today is the day to that we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and we let go! The people who walked out of your life didn’t leave you, they were removed! In your heart of hearts, you knew they had no place in your life, to begin with. They were removed because the were hindering your growth, they were contributing to your mediocrity, not depositing into your worth. The job that you lost was the training course for the next one. Do not forget the lessons you learned in that job and do not take the same approach or attitude into the next one, let it go! I will be the first to tell you that in the past it was hard for me to understand the saying there is something positive in every bad situation. While you’re going through it, it seems like it is just all bad, and there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, today I get it. Does that mean I will never have a weak moment, of course, I will! The difference is, with my faith I am learning that my woe is me, can quickly turn into my watch and see. Watch and see him turn it around for me. So, the situations that we were battling last night are this morning’s testimonies. I am not just writing this for you, this is for me as well!

I had no intentions of writing this today, but I am glad that I did! I want to challenge you today, Let something go, apologize to someone that you have wronged, forgive someone that has wronged you! Remember you can forgive them in your heart, the forgiveness is for your healing! Lastly! Pass this along with a note to, LET IT GO!

This was not by accident!!


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  1. Really great post! I think everyone should read this. It is so true that we often get stuck in our excuses and negativity. I loved the remind of today being yesterday’s tomorrow.


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