Fear is not a natural behavior, but a learned behavior, that is why babies are so fearless in their exploring stages of life! People and experiences shape your decisions in what you should and should not be afraid of. Everyone’s fears differ from person to person, some people are afraid of insects, animals, heights, enclosed areas or spaces. How many people do you know, that goes crazy, at the sight of a dog or spider? Everyone’s reaction to fear even differs.  Some people freeze, some people run, some people yell or cry. Fear can cause a person to have debilitating, paralyzing, mind-numbing reactions. All of these reactions can come from one mental shock or experience that fear throws us into.

In my days of observing people, I have come to realize just how much power fear can have over you. Fear can cause you to go into such an erratic state of mind that you make decisions that you would not normally make. If you are walking down the street and a dog runs from an open fence towards you, you are liable to run into the road from the fear of getting bit. At that point, you have lost all rational, that you could be hit by a car. How many times have you seen people play around swimming pools and get tossed in the water? Fear will lead you to believe you are drowning, and it is not until some tell you to stand that you realize you are in three feet of water.

Too many times we allow our fears to limit us, myself included.  How many times have you not applied for a job or position because the thought of you failing, or the fear of rejection made you question your abilities?  Or maybe, you felt you lacked the credentials to get you in that role. How many times have you trained somebody for the same role, that you thought you weren’t good enough for?  It is always easier to play it safe and make excuses, you already know your present job, and you are left alone, and nobody is checking for you. Who wants that headache, right? You want to do your eight ours and go home, no extra responsibility! I’ll wait… R U Serious? That’s not you, of course not, we have all heard that justification for stagnation. It is easier to stay stagnate in a dead-end position than to step up and take on more responsibilities, for a better salary, all for the fear of failure.

Do you know any women who have stayed with their children’s father, two kids longer than they should’ve from the fear of being alone? Fear is a crazy thing, fear will make you come out of character. As parents men and women, have you been put in a situation of not knowing where your child’s next meal was going to come from or how a bill or rent would be paid? Fear can make you think outside the box and outside your morals when your back is against the wall. Fear will make the irrational sound rational.

Just like running from the dog and not realizing you are stepping out into a busy road. Your fears can cause more harm and become more of a hindrance to your life than whatever it is that you feared in the first place. How can we allow fear to make us live a mediocre lifestyle, instead of stepping out on faith and going after the things we deserve? All things that come easy, is not always better!  We have to step out of these restricting boxes that we place ourselves in. Pride and lack of faith fuels fear. (Let that sink in) are you going to let fear of what someone else will have to say, dictate you taking a chance? Will you let fear tell you that you are incapable? Ask yourself are you alive, living, existing, going through motions, or taking up space? We are on the change movement! Never cancel yourself out, I don’t care if you are 20, 50, or 70 as long as there is breath there is a purpose! If you have never traveled the world from the fear of getting on a plane, tomorrow is a blessing and not promised. Playing it “safe” will not matter, if today is your day!

Whatever your fears, conquer them one by one, start small and keep it moving. It is not too late for you! Do not allow your lack of faith, self-confidence, self-doubt, and self-esteem make you think that you are not worthy. What is for you! Is for you! If you want the new house, go get it, the new job it is yours! If you want a wife/husband or kids it can happen, you have to change you first! You have to let go of fear and grab ahold of faith! You are not less than, you can have and achieve anything your heart desires. Step out, step up and make a change. Make a promise to yourself, that you will not have the same story a year from now! Today you choose life and living! Hey, what you call failure is the testimony to your victory! You will speak life and you will encourage the people around you to do the same. Do not let another day, negative thought, or person stand in your way of happiness and joy! We were taught fear from man but my faith is in God! We can do all things through him!

R U Serious!!!

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