Over the years I have learned so much about this topic and how this is a trait that most all people have to some degree. There are many levels to selfishness, it can be needed at times, it can be extreme and it can be uncalled for as well. I think it is funny to watch a selfish person that is in denial! R U Serious! The people who are in denial,  are generally the most selfish. I have seen, dealt, eliminated, and educated many people on this topic. By educated I mean go sit down before I punch you in the face! Ha, no seriously people and their selfishness can be a lot to handle. I hope that if you are a person that is in denial, by the end of this you will have some acceptance, and ownership for your actions. If not, forward this to someone else to read and allow them to punch you in the face! I’ll wait… R U ready?

All jokes aside, selfishness can be a real problem. As a child, I have always grit my teeth at the saying, “that is just who they are!” I don’t understand how people can rationalize not having to consider other people. If I’m not mistaken, we are all who we are, that is what makes us individuals. Being an individual and being exceptions to rules are not the same. People who act this way are typically the people who are easily offended and expect you to consider them and their feelings.  You are not allowed a pass, you can’t walk around as if the world is yours and everyone should consider and cater to your needs. People are quick to say it is only child syndrome or they’ve been like that since they were a child. Yes, we all were and we grew up.

Personally, I do not consider myself a selfish person. I have learned over the years that being selfless can bring on issues as well. I had to learn to become a little selfish when my heart may have wanted to do something different. If you are too selfless, selfish people can take advantage of that.  So, you have to learn to be able to say no, so that you don’t allow people to use you up. I can honestly see how a once selfless person becomes hardened, guarded, bitter and selfish. As a result of being taken advantage of. You have to learn balance! That is a very powerful word “balance” you need it in all aspects of your life. It is ok to be helpful and selfless that is how we gain our blessings, just don’t put people ahead of you who shouldn’t even be next to you. Please hear me when I say there is a fine line between being a help and being a hindrance to people.  At some point, you can handicap a person who is too needy and selfish! Some people are selfish with material things, people, time, attention, relationships the list goes on. On a grid of 1 – 10 where do you fall on the selfish lists?

If you are around a spoiled selfish person, you just want to call somebody’s grandmother to come lay hands on them. Everything needs to be their way, how they want it, and when they want it! Have you met them? Have you seen an adult tantrum?  I’m just saying! To the spoiled selfish people, let the sense of entitlement go! I’m sure after you flush, it stinks just the same, let it go! Most selfish, self-absorbed people call and talk, and never ask you a question, you probably didn’t say anything passed hello. By the end of the call, you are looking for a drink or a nap. If you have a lot of “I” statements when you speak, you just might fall under this category.

We all have these people in our lives. I can’t stress enough the fact that we have to teach people how to treat you! Whatever the relationship whether romantic, family, friends, or co-worker. Teach them how to treat you! If somebody doesn’t consider you, and what’s going on with you. You need to consider how valuable they are to you. If they can’t ask you about your day or if you need anything.  Why are you claiming this friendship relationship? Even if it is an associate, don’t settle for selfishness. If a selfish person only considers themselves, let’s consider them, by themselves! It’s obvious, they have themselves covered, they will be ok. Let’s worry about us.

The days of putting people and their feelings before our own has come to an end. We are in the year of reconstruction. The year of us, the year of the balance. I can’t put more into you than I’m willing to putting into myself and my higher power. If you can read this and know that you can be one of those people, ask yourself why? Why do you need everything to be about you, what do you need, any and everything to be about you? Will it kill you to consider, how your actions may affect someone else? If you genuinely don’t care about other people’s feelings, then that is deeper than being selfish.  Hey, I’m not here to judge or diagnose, I’m not a therapist.  You might want to reflect or talk to someone.

Thanks for the continued support!

R U Serious!!!

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