Peace Be Still!

The phrase “Peace Be Still” was on my mind this morning. I have been paying attention to my surroundings and watching the news and everything that is going in the world. It seems as though there’s a gloomy, weirdness in the atmosphere. It seems like every day I log into social media there are more and more of my family and friends that are seeking prayer for their family or loved ones. More death of young people and women. Amber alerts have been chiming from the rampant kidnappings.  A lot of people are going through personal storms at the same time. As the days go by the shock value of things happening around us are lessening. We have to regroup and shake this off.

It is like we are all on the same prescription and it has lost its potency, we have become or becoming immune to the things going on around us. Every day it seems as though we are losing a little bit more of ourselves. As a country, we are turning on each other. As a community, we are forgetting to be happy for ourselves and the people around us. We are forgetting the meaning of family and friendships. It is easier to diminish the things that we should value most. In many of my post, I speak on not settling and standing on your values and pushing through adversity. It is time for a new prescription!

While many things are changing around us, one thing will always stay the same and that is protection from our higher power and the word. We have become so captivated by the falsehood of the things we see around us, that we have allowed it to make us depressed and thinking less of ourselves and unaccomplished. So when I say it is time to regroup, structure, and focus on our change. It is time to get back to the basics. We are in the times of a watered down spiritual foundation. It seems like as our older generation is transitioning on, the push and accountability of spiritual relationships are diminishing. I wouldn’t be surprised if most kids today are unaware of nightly prayers or what it means to get down on their knees to pray for the souls of their loved ones. Take a second and look around at the rise of depression and suicide. I’ll wait… R U Serious! Do you not see? We have become weak and vulnerable to the burdens society has put on us.

In the change, it is time to fix the process. If social media is your thing, use it to socialize with old classmates, distant relatives, and old co-workers etc. Social media is not a place to vent your personal frustrations, to seek validation, or to compare your economic status. Understand that most people post on social media what they want you to see. Anything more is either glorified or a cry for help. Most people who are on your friend’s list aren’t really praying for you. The people that are praying, you might need to question, is this a person that should be praying for you? There are many people that like to see some people miserable because it makes them feel better about themselves. So when you display your personal business and people encourage negativity, violence, or for you to leave your wife or husband on your timeline. If they were the right source they would send you a private message or call you or go to you. Why is that you would publicly tell somebody the wrong advice if you truly cared?

This is why people are dying! The same band-wagoners, tag along, co-signers who agree with everything you say in the midst of your anger fueled online venting sessions. Will be the same people who will put on a show, acting dramatically distraught with the RIP on their page when you get killed. You meant so much more to them than your own mother right! R U Serious! You just spoke to them yesterday! Do you think they are going to post, that they told you to ride up on that situation to see what was going on, or that they really weren’t listening when you were trying to tell them you were ready to end it all! I’ll wait… Is this who you want to cry out to on social media? Why do you trust the validation of followers more than humbling yourself by falling to your knees in prayer?

This storm is temporary, Peace is on the way! As long as you entertain the foolishness around you, you are slowing down your progress. Every time you post to show “how great you are doing for the haters” that was one second you took away from thanking the powers that be for allowing you to go through this storm because you learned the lessons the storm was sent to teach. If you didn’t know there is a lesson in every storm we go through! Every time you stand in that storm and let the wind knock you around and continue to get wet, and cry and ball up into the woe is me, battered soul. You are not learning the lesson and guess what that storm will come back again. This time it may be a category 3 or 4. You have to learn to people thankful in the storm, he won’t put you through if you weren’t worth it. You have to thank him because after the storm and chaos comes the stillness of the peace. When you turn around and see what you just made it through and that even though tattered and bruised you made it! You have gained more than you knew! There is a lesson, a blessing, and a testimony in every storm. The testimony is there to help the next one and it reminds you that you have been through worse and he kept you then so why would he leave you now?  Stand on your faith, work on being a better you, learn from this storm. Love on the people that are truly loving on you. Appreciate life and only speak life into everything you do! Be the best you! Humble yourself!

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