Be Slow to Speak And Quick to Listen!!

Be Slow to speak and quick to listen

This is a part of a bible verse that I learned from my sister years ago and has always resonated with me throughout the years.  These words hold so much power if you incorporate them in your life. These grand words could be the difference between life and death, working out a relationship or getting divorced, getting a promotion or losing your job. Many times when our egos get the best of us, or we are being so stubborn and wanting so bad to be right in the situation. We are missing out on information that could have saved us from ourselves. I promise that incorporating this scripture in your life can help you get through situations before the escalate to a place of no return. If you are a defensive person you can find healing in this scripture, by getting the tools needed to let down walls. If you live being defensive you are already armed with a response and the response to the response of the response before the person you are communicating with has finished their point, therefore you never actually heard what was said and have already conditioned yourself that it was an attack against you. Be slow to speak and quick to listen rid yourself of conflict and anger and feelings of being attacked.

I really believe that when we go through our tough times or storms and we pray for things, and we sit and we get frustrated that God isn’t listening. We complain and we blame, we fuss, and we fight. Not realizing that once we prayed for it, had we humbled ourselves and took ourselves out of the scenario, we would have heard God speak, we missed hearing God’s voice. We were so consumed with the negative and stuck in the wallowing stages that we missed hearing God’s voice. God was giving us the answers and working it out the entire time.  We were stuck focusing on the chaos and drama. Had we sat back quietly and watched and listened and learned, we could have rid ourselves of some of the pain and heartache, that we inflicted on ourselves and others. We could have rid ourselves of the shame and bitterness, and embarrassment that we hold on our shoulders like weights. Instead, we didn’t learn the lesson, we failed the mission, so the storm just may last a little longer, the storm may come full circle in your life again. Until you learn to Be slow to speak and Quick to Listen, you miss out on blessings. You talked your way past your miracle, your pride may have taken the opportunity from you. Pride, Ego, and stubbornness can make you imprisoned in your on skin, mind, and soul.

When the supervisor called you into the office had you not immediately assumed the worse of this meeting and tried to defend and justify your actions. If you would have only been quiet and patient, you would have heard that you were about to get that raise or promotion. Your mouth took your job from you instead. You never know who is watching, listening and or who that person knows. The same person you curse may be the same person who saves you. When God gives you signs, and starts moving and shifting things around, let him work! I see and trust you, God, keep on moving! I may not understand today, but this is beyond my understanding, I give all control on to you. As the changes that are made may hurt, they are necessary! Those people that come around and you never thought you would talk or be in the same circles, that is not by accident. The ones you loved and thought would be in your lives forever, they were for a season! You are evolving into who you are supposed to be. Your experience placed you in the spot you need to be! Even if that spot is temporary it has been marked the spot of humbling and growth, understanding and foundation. You are in the reconstruction period of life and as long as you are in acceptance and have the willingness to let him lead, it will work out. The stronger the storm the greater the reward. You have to make a positive out of all negatives. Be Slow to Speak and Quick to Listen. Speak life always into your situations.

You never know what’s in store for you, you never know who is listening or watching. You never know what God is doing in your life when all else fails you remember to be slow to speak and quick to listen. You can learn lessons from a genius, a child, and a fool. But you will miss out if you not listening. If you take yourself out of the situations and listen to what people are really saying to you, that could be the conversation that saves that person’s life. You may be able to hear that silent cry for help when a person is at the end of their rope, praying that someone cares enough to save them.

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  1. I think it’s always better to stay humble and part of humility is letting others speak. Even if we want to say something and interrupt. We can learn a lot from active listening. Sometimes we’re too busy being busy that we don’t hear what the universe and God has in store for us. ❤

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